The Elephant in the classroom.

One of the first elephants that stuck out to me was “We know that we’re not assessing many of the things that really matter for future success. The reality in K-12 schooling today is that the majority of what we assess, content, knowledge, and basic skills, is the easiest to assess, not the most important.” I had never really thought of this before I saw it. The more I think about it thought it is true. As looking back at my time in high school I never learned many skills that are needed to beable to surivie in this world. … Continue reading The Elephant in the classroom.

Innovative learning

All the articles that we have read this week all have very good ponts and many of these ideas we can take with us as we further our education. While my ILP was about coaching I think that the skills I have learned from coaching can help me a lot as a teacher and even a parent. A quote I really liked from the article Redefining education it stated “Education is everything. It is the fuel that drives the future citizens of the world. It prepares them to make responsible decisions that will contribute to the well-being of society.” As … Continue reading Innovative learning


This semester I had a lot of fun with my ILP on coaching. I feel like I have learned a lot more about coaching and the different type of coaching styles and some of the do’s and don’t in coaching. As I have asked on twitter a couple times about if a coached had ruined a sport for someone and it was surprising how many people either quit playing a sport or stopped liking it because of a coach it should never be like that. For this week I have looked into what makes a great coach. Through my research … Continue reading ILP


Before This week I have never heard of Piktochart before. As I was doing some research on it I thought that this may be hard to use and learn the layout of the this program. Once I opened it up and started messing around with it I found  that it was much easier then I have expected. It was very easy to get almost anything you wanted. I liked how it was so easy to move stuff around and you could place it anywhere that you wanted. I was having troubles on what I should make this week so I … Continue reading Piktochart

Podcast and digital stories

Digital Storytelling uses personal digital technology to combine a number of media into a coherent narrative. In their original form, digital stories include a voice-over narrative along with still images, music and titles. Digital stories usually include video footage, animations, and a variety of other mediums made possible by the latest technologies. What happened to just picking up a book and reading it? technology is really starting to take over the world more and more. What are some positives of digital storytelling? Digital storytelling not only helps students enhance their interpersonal skills, personal and social responsibility, basic literacy, but it … Continue reading Podcast and digital stories


This week I went to watch my sisters volleyball team at the state tournament. Though I have never thought about coaching volleyball I was very interested to see all of the different coaching styles. Though I have watched many volleyball games I have never really paid much attention to the coaches. As I was watching some of the coaches there was a very wide range of coaches. Some coaches sat on the bench and stood up when they need to say something. Then there was the coaches who were constantly coaching and standing right next to the court. It was … Continue reading ILP